Five Recipes for the Budding MasterChef

Posted by Spice Zen on 24th Jun 2021

Five Recipes for the Budding MasterChef

Has MasterChef got you inspired to get creative in the kitchen? We have a bunch of recipes to tantalise the tastebuds and get you busy cooking. Our recipes include our healthy and organic spices, which are sure to elevate a dish to the next level.

It is so exciting to see so many people from different cultures competing on MasterChef this year. We get to see delicious Australian classics to huge South Asian feasts. Our products go wonderfully with many different cuisines (and even desserts!). Check out these five recipes below – some can challenge you in the kitchen (just like a real-life MasterChef Pressure Test!) and others are quick and easy eats for the whole family.


1. Roasted Pumpkin Risotto

This scrumptious Italian dish is the perfect ‘fancy’ dish for an at-home date, or to show off your culinary skills to your family.

Our Roasted Pumpkin Risotto recipe may look intimidating with the vast amount of ingredients needed to be popped onto the shopping list (not to mention the one hour cook time). But don’t be deceived. This recipe only has SIX steps and most of the cook time is used roasting the pumpkin in the oven. So, for a WHOLE half an hour, you can sit back and scroll through Instagram, read a book, or catch up the latest episode of The Bachelor.

This recipes uses the Spice Zen spices including Stoneground Coriander Seed, Stoneground Fennel Seed, Stoneground Cracked Black Pepper and Red Chilli Flakes. By roasting these spices with pumpkin, the dish is elevated to a whole new level of flavour.

2. Palak Paneer

Are you totally in love with fan-favourite, Depinder, from MasterChef too? Her delectable Indian treats and feasts have all of us wishing we could reach through the TV screen. Did you know that we have a whole bunch of Indian curry recipes on our website? From Butter Chicken to Korma, we have something for everyone.

Want to try something a little more unique? Give our Palak Paneer recipe a go!

This curry is rich and creamy with authentic Indian flavours. Our Butter Chicken Spice Blend is used in this recipe and has all the spices needed for the dish – you don’t have to go rummaging at the shops for several different spices. Our Butter Chicken Spice Blend is a mix of lots of punchy spices such as cumin seed, turmeric powder, cinnamon, paprika and more.

3. Honey Spiced Salmon

Our Honey Spiced Salmon recipe will make for a healthy and delicious dinner.

This recipe incorporates Turmeric Powder or Turmeric Juice. Turmeric has many health benefits. The main active compound of turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin can increase antioxidants in the body, reduce inflammation, and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our High Curcumin Turmeric Powder has more than 5% curcumin, making it very effective. The majority of turmeric powders only have 2.5 - 3.5% of curcumin.

Our Honey Spiced Salmon recipe is a great easy recipe that can be completed in 20 minutes. Garnished with salad leaves, it can make for a great dinner as well as a yummy ‘take to work’ lunch.

4. Thai Mussaman Chicken Curry

Looking for a wholesome and warm winter feed? Look no further than our Thai Mussaman Chicken Curry recipe. There is also a vegan version of the recipe available.

This recipe will help you create an authentic Thai feast which is sure to impress all (even the MasterChef judges!). Now, there may be a little bit more prep involved as there are quite a few ingredients in this recipe. But you won’t have to worry about measuring out the spices. This recipe incorporates our Thai Mussaman Curry Spice Blend making for an easier cook. This Massaman curry blend has flavoursome and organic spices such as red chillies, cumin seed, coriander seed, dry lemongrass, star anise and more.

5. Almond Cinnamon Pancake with Chai Spiced Almond Butter

More of a sweets connoisseur? Challenge yourself with our Almond Cinnamon Pancake with Chai Spiced Almond Butter. These pancakes are SUPER fancy and are perfect for entertaining friends at Sunday brunch or serving up a fancy breakfast feast for the family. This dish is served with chai almond butter, making this recipe quite unique.

There are a whole bunch of different fragrant and organic spices used in this recipe including our Spice Zen Stoneground Cinnamon, Stoneground Green Cardamom, Stoneground Allspice, Fresh Ground Dried Ginger, and Spice Zen Ground Nutmeg.

This recipe can be done in 25 – 30 minutes. That means you can get some extra snores in before whipping up this dish.


Want more? We have a whole bunch of recipes available on our website. Have a peruse of them here.

If you have a recipe that you’d like to share, get in contact with us and we’ll pop it up on the website.