Spice Zen’s organic virgin cold pressed oils are produced to bring the purest range of nut and seed oils for cooking, garnishing, cosmetic and massage use. A founder of Spice Zen has extensive experience in the edible oil industry and understands the extensive physical and chemical processing in oil production. Spice Zen’s Cold-pressed oils are produced in small batches by crushing the nuts and seeds at low temperature without the use of any chemicals or harsh physical processes. This range of certified organic cold pressed oils delivers natural flavours and micronutrients. Buy cold pressed oils online from Spice Zen for natural flavour and health.

Spice Zen’s organic cold pressed oils are made from premium quality, certified organic raw nuts and seeds. This results in the finest pure organic cold pressed oils with maximum natural flavours and micronutrients just as nature intended.

Cold pressed oils are often made by squeezing the oilseed and nuts multiple times to maximise the oil from the ingredients. Sometimes legally undeclared processing aids may be used and an antioxidant like Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is supplemented to extend the shelf life. Spice Zen’s oilseeds and nuts are only squeezed once and processing aids/ antioxidants are not used in the oils. This enables Spice Zen to produce the most delicate, fine oils that have great flavour, health benefits and are ideally suited for massage, cosmetic use and Ayurveda applications. They are packed in dark bottles to enhance the shelf life, which can be further extended if stored in refrigerated conditions.

Spice Zen is committed to sustainability and reducing waste. The oil is allowed to settle, after it is produced, enabling the minor particles in the oil to sediment. The small volume of sediment is packed as high-quality tahini and nut butters. The deoiled nuts and seeds, after squeezing the oil, are ground and packed as low fat, gluten free flours. These flours are ideal for cooking / baking and highly desired in a low Fodmap diet.

Buy organic Cold pressed oils online from Spice Zen for the fine, delicate, natural oils for cooking, cosmetic use, massage, baby oils and Ayurveda applications.

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