Spice Zen Handcrafted Gift Ideas for an extra Special Christmas 2021

Posted by Spice Zen on 20th Oct 2021

Spice Zen Handcrafted Gift Ideas for an extra Special Christmas 2021

Hard to believe that it is October already! We are so close to Christmas - a season of joy, hope, reflection, giving, positivity, love and fun with family, friends and others. Christmas is always special, and this year, it is extra special given what we all have been through - the COVID restrictions, lockdowns, emotions, survival and other challenges. After all the isolation and separation, COVID has reinforced the importance of being with family, friends and rituals of the family celebrations!

With global supply chain disrupted, travel restrictions and courier delays, there is no time to procrastinate expressing our appreciation and love for our family, friends, colleagues, employees, health workers and community members. Going local, supporting small businesses, Australian-made, personal, artisanal and emotive gifts, are in trend for Christmas gifts this season.

Spice Zen has some great ideas for all occasions and especially for gift for Christmas season! Something small but caring, something fun or exciting, thoughtful and something your loved ones would want to use rather than unwanted gifts or recycling gifts received from others.

Spice Zen’s has over 300 handcrafted premium, certified organic and gluten-free products. These products include artisanal stoneground spice mixes, herbs and spices, premium tea and herbal teas, cold-pressed nut and seeds oils, seasonings/rubs, and not to mention our unique Rice Couscous and Rice semolina. Coeliac Australia has endorsed our spice blends and Rice Couscous & Semolina, high protein de-oiled flours, giving comfort to our friends on a gluten-free diet.

Spice Zen’s products cater to people of all age groups, cultures, cuisines, foodies or newbies, specific diets or tea lovers - what binds us is the love for purity, honesty, authenticity and care. Without further ado, let’s dive in and look at various Christmas present ideas.

Round the world Spice Blend Collections

Explore the global flavours with handcrafted stoneground spice blends made with premium certified organic, gluten-free ingredients in small batches. These blends are perfectly balanced for aromatics, heat, savoury, sweet, sour or umami flavours. Buy the perfect spice gift set in Australia.

Cook your favourite Thai, Indian, Asian, American, Mexican, Middle Eastern or Australian native cuisine with authentic flavours in the convenience of your home. And all this without hunting for a long list of exotic ingredients or worrying about balancing the flavours! We have spice blends for baking as well! This spice gift pack can include Apple pie, Pumpkin spice blend or Gingerbread spice mix. Our Collections include a set of four jars packed in an attractive gift box with online recipes ideas. Select from:

Best of the World Spice Blend

Popular Indian Spice Blend (Indian spice gift set 1)

Spicy Lovers Indian Spice Blend (Indian spice gift set 2)

Middle Eastern Spice Blend

The Big American Spice Blend

Asian Spice Blend

Pumpkin Pie & Apple Pie Blend

Gingerbread cookies Blend (coming soon – watch the space)

Apart from these, we also offer other spice sets and collections. Check it out at

Mulled Wine Spice Blend

Mulled wine is one of the great pleasures that go hand in hand with the European winter. Mulled wine is served warm or hot, sweetened and spiked with the addition of citrus, cinnamon and other fragrant spices, imbuing even the most ordinary wine with heavenly flavours and aroma.

Our Mulled Wine pack makes a comforting and soothing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to serve any time of the year. This blend is a celebration of traditional festive spices and makes a thoughtful, gourmet gift idea.

Be it Christmas in July or December, or just an excuse to celebrate, do not think twice! You and yours will love our Mulled wine blend!

Tea Blend Collection

Who does not love tea? Try our fine, premium, certified organic, gluten-free, loose-leaf teas, tisane/ herbal teas and tea blends with your family and friends and elevate your celebrations to the next level. Enjoy the bold exotic flavours of our teas with their natural comforting and energising properties.

Our Tea blend collections form a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea for people you care about – be it family, friends, teachers, colleagues, mums and bubs - there is a tea for everyone, wait no more!

Amongst others, our Collections include:

Masala Chai and Turmeric Latte Blend

This gift set combines Masala Chai Spice Blend and the Turmeric Latte Blend with a jar of organic cacao powder and cinnamon (true verum)- a perfect Christmas gift for caffeine and herbal tea lovers!

Spice Zen Masala Chai Spice is ideal for making Chai Tea or Indian Masala Chai. The spice blend is a 100% pure masala chai spice blend without any caffeine. For a traditional Masala Chai, pair it with Spice Zen Assam Tea blend or add your favourite black tea. Or enjoy it as a herbal, energising infusion! We have Australia's supreme chai latte gift pack.

Our Turmeric Latte spice blend combines the lovely, earthy taste of high curcumin Turmeric with four freshly ground spices - sweet, floral aroma of Cinnamon and Green Cardamom and warmth and heat of Ginger and Black Pepper - to deliver a balanced, smooth, easy-drinking hot or cold Turmeric Latte. You can even add some Cayenne Pepper for additional health benefits and garnish with cinnamon and cacao. Try this fantastic Turmeric Latte gift set.

Aussie Natives Tea Collection

Experience the Aussie rainforest in your home with this collection of four native teas - two herbal and two teas with Australian grown black tea. They are delicious and are known to have natural healing properties as well.

This collection includes Native Gumbi Gumbi Tea, Wild Rosella Strawberry Myrtle Tea, Myrtle Berry Bush Tea and Smoky Daintree Tea.

Who wouldn’t love this? Order now!

Premium Black Tea Collection

This collection is one of our popular collections, including Australian Black Tea, Ceylon Black Leaf Tea, and Indian Breakfast tea, a blend of Darjeeling and Assam Tea.

Our Ceylon Black Leaf Tea is a premium grade tea known as Orange Pekoe 1 and is sourced directly from the beautiful hill estates of Sri Lanka (OP1). Our Australian Black Tea is a single-origin tea from Far North Queensland's Daintree Wilderness & Rainforest region. Indian Breakfast tea is our take on classic English breakfast and is a rejuvenating morning tea or a roundly popular, all-day black tea.

It is a unique combination of different blends put together. Anybody will love this!

Our other popular Tea blends include Sticky Chai, Hibiscus Rose and watch the space for our new Haute Couture Tea Collection (launching very soon!!) that includes the finest organic Indian teas from Darjeeling & Assam, organic Chrysanthemum flower and Butterfly pea flower from Thailand and many other surprises.

We offer a wide range of tea collections that suit most taste buds. Hop on to our website and check out our various tea products

First-pressed Cold-pressed Nut & Seeds Oils

Spice Zen's cold-pressed oils are made by us in Sydney from premium quality, certified organic raw nuts and seeds in small batches, without refining or use of chemicals, additives or harsh physical procedures. The nuts and seeds are pressed only once at low temperatures to preserve natural flavours and nutrients just as nature intended.

These first-pressed cold-pressed oils are suitable for cooking, garnish, cosmetics/ skin, massage (Abhyanga), oil pulling and for young babies. You will not find more naturally produced nut and seeds oils than these for your loved ones!

You can look at our wide range of oil collections

And hey, before you leave this page, did you know that you could also design your gift collection? Oh yes, you read that right.

Choose from our set products to customise your order. Mention that it is a Christmas gift, and we will even wrap the order in green, red and gold. We will include a card with your message and send it directly to your near and dear ones.

What are you waiting for? Pamper, show appreciation or surprise your loved ones this Christmas with your caring gifts!