Wishing A Happy 2019 from Spice Zen

Posted by Preeti on 2nd Jan 2019

Wishing A Happy 2019 from Spice Zen

At Spice Zen, we find it hard to believe that 2018 has already gone and 2019 has started. What a year 2018 has been for Spice Zen!! We are grateful to our patrons for their love and support through our first year of business.

We launched our website in early 2018 and started attending Sydney’s food markets in September. It has been an awesome journey and a steep learning curve. Going to the markets, we feel much closer to our customers, have a better understanding of their preferences and appreciate the positive feedback. Our belief that fresh and pure spice products are the best for cooking has been reaffirmed.

We were humbled by the feedback from our customers, including:

“You have revolutionised my cooking”

“You have saved my marriage – my husband loves curries, but I don’t know how to cook them. Your spice blends make it so easy to cook delicious curries”

“So fresh, pure, beautiful products, Spice Zen products are above any other spice products I have ever used”

“I need my daily dose of your organic cold pressed ginger and turmeric juice”

“So authentic”

“I will have to throw all the spices in my pantry and replace them with your products”

“Vegan Mussaman curry spice blend, really, so aromatic and complex flavour just like authentic curry”

“Best Butter Chicken ever”

“I made Biryani with your spice blend and my friends thought it was the most authentic biryani”

“Your Chilli jam – yummy, I have it all the time – breakfast, lunch, dinner”

And so on. Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback and love for our products!

It gives us so much joy when school kids want to buy our handcrafted spice blends for their holiday cooking project. Or when customers decide that home cooked curry with our blend is tastier and easier than the takeaway they have been using for years.

Some of our popular handcrafted products this season have been:

Butter Chicken spice blend: Our most popular blend has changed the opinion of many about what butter chicken should taste like. It has no added sugar and a balanced kick of spices.

Thai Mussaman Curry spice blend: First of its kind and pleasantly surprised many, specially vegans, who were missing out on Thai cuisine. It’s a blend of 14 spices with a complex aromatic flavour including lemongrass, kafir lime, galangal.

Masala Chai spice blend: Many customers remark that this was the first time they had an authentic Indian Masala Chai since their trip to India.

Cold Press Ginger and Turmeric juice: These products have developed a following and we have had some customers coming to the markets just to buy these juices. We make no pretences about what these juices do for your health save for the fact that they are the closest thing to consume organic whole food Ginger and Turmeric.

Vegan Thai Chilli Jam: This was a favourite with vegans and purveyors of spicy food. Some customers cannot stop themselves from eating it at every meal. Made with superior quality and largely organic ingredients, it can be added to many dishes or used as a dip.

Spice Zen recently launched several new products like • Harissa spice blendRas el Hanout spice blendHerbes de ProvenceItalian Herb BlendMulled Wine spice blendSticky Chai blend (made with raw honey) • Spicy BBQ RubSpicy Fish Rub and • Za’atar.

Try these products if you have not tried them as yet – we are confident that they are as good as any of our existing products.

We also launched our Gift packs for Christmas. They were very popular with customers remarking that they make a different gift than the standard fare, specially for foodies who love to cook. We will continue offering an increasing range of gift packs in 2019.

Thanks again to all our customers for your patronage. Get cooking this holiday season and enjoy pure, fresh food – straight from the heart with your family and friends.

We have big plans to introduce more fresh products in 2019 and set up new online channels to introduce Spice Zen to more customers. We will commence shipping to New Zealand, US and other countries as well as develop larger pack sizes for customers and restaurants.

While we extend our product range and customer base, we will always remain true to our creed of fresh, pure, authentic, small batch, handcrafted products that take our customers on a journey of flavour.

We hope to see you at the markets in 2019 and get you to taste many new products.

Happy Holidays & a joyful 2019 from the Spice Zen team.