Spice Zen Haute Couture Tea Range

Posted by Spice Zen on 8th Nov 2021

Spice Zen Haute Couture Tea Range

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Spice Zen Haute Couture Tea range. This exquisite range includes exclusive teas, directly sourced from single-estate harvests, grand cru, luxurious, artisanal, seasonal and inspirational. This range will appeal to connoisseurs, tea lovers of finest teas and those looking for artisanal blends that are unique, trendy, seasonal, exotic or capture the communal mood across the globe.

The new Spice Zen Haute Couture Tea range includes certified organic, single estate, premium, loose-leaf teas directly sourced from plantations in Darjeeling and Assam, certified organic Butterfly Pea flower and Chrysanthemum flower Tea, and our exotic Aussie Summer inspired blend. These extremely fresh teas can be brewed multiple times which each brew giving a slightly different flavour.

All these teas are packed in a premium biodegradable and recyclable packaging, making them ideal for gifting. As always, all our products are gluten free.

Darjeeling Tea, also known across the globe as the Champagne of Teas, is distinguished by its delicate, sweet and muscatel notes similar to Muscat wine. Assam tea is a connoisseur’s delight with its bold, full-body and malty flavour. In this range, we bring to you unique, premium first flush Darjeeling and second flush Assam tea that has a story to tell!

Darjeeling Orange Valley Black Tea (SFTGFOP1 – First Flush – Certified Organic)

Darjeeling Orange Valley Black Tea is sourced directly from the renowned certified organic Orange Valley Tea Estate, situated on top of the blue mountain (about 2,000 metres above sea level) near the Darjeeling town in West Bengal, India. With its 100-year-old original small-leaved Chinese variety of bushes, this estate still uses the original old machines to maintain the authentic and exclusive Darjeeling character of the crop. Orange trees surrounding the Orange Valley estate is responsible for the tea's unique and sparkling flavour.

It is a spring Grand Cru, harvested at the optimum stage and time to express the best character of the bush. This estate is known for its floral First Flush and muscatel Second Flush crops. The leaves are small mixed green with large silvery tips.

This fine delicate tea produces a bright golden liquor with a classic first flush character. It has a smooth, floral, fruity flavour with subtly sweet, honey afternotes. It is a perfect refresher with flavours of spring to be enjoyed anytime or as part of a high tea!

Darjeeling Orange Valley Green Tea (FTGFOP1 – Second Flush – Certified Organic)

Darjeeling Orange Valley Green Tea from Orange Valley Estate is an extraordinary second flush green tea with its light muscatel flavour. These sublime and graceful second-flush green tea leaves are more mature than the first flush and have a mauve hue with silver tips. The leaves are handpicked and left outside to wither for 24 hours to evaporate moisture and then minimally processed using authentic procedures.

The leaves steep into a light emerald liquor with smooth, delicate, mellow with lightly toasted nutty, fruity notes and muscatel flavour. Enjoy the summer fruity, sweet and crisp notes with this unique tea.

A must for premium green tea lovers!

Darjeeling Oaks Black Tea (SFTGFOP1 – First Flush – Certified Organic)

Darjeeling Oaks Black Tea, a premium, first flush tea from the beautiful iconic certified organic Oaks Tea Estate, is located at Sonada Valley in Darjeeling at an altitude of about 1600 metres above sea level. The Oaks Tea Estate is one of the oldest tea plantations in Darjeeling, with pure old chinary bushes known for producing premium quality brisk black tea with muscatel flavour.

The leaves are short, a mix of emerald and olive-green with green flakes that infuse into a bright golden liquor. The infusion is sweet, clean and medium-bodied with a fruity aroma. It has a typical earthy, green taste of a chinary tea with elegant, smooth, fruity and delicate honey-sweet notes on the palate. It perfectly complements creamy desserts, eclairs, semi-hard cheeses, tropical fruits and pies.

A perfect cuppa for any time of the day!

Darjeeling Phuguri Black Tea (FTGFOP1 ‘Moonlight’ – First Flush – Certified Organic)

Darjeeling Phuguri Black Tea is from a picturesque certified organic Phuguri Tea Estate situated in the Mirik Valley of Darjeeling. This high-altitude Darjeeling Tea Estate produces the exceptionally delicate and fine quality of chinary and clonal cultivars. Phuguri estates first flush teas of clonal varieties, known as Tippy clonal, are favourites of tea aficionados and is one of the most fragrant and expensive Darjeeling teas.

Darjeeling Phuguri Tea leaves are finely rolled, olive-green with silver tips and an enticing aroma of deep red summer fruits. They are harvested at night under full-moon light to capture maximum sweetness. On the first clear full-moon night from mid-March to May, the trained pickers pluck two leaves and the bud, under the bright cosmic moonlights and high tides and when the water levels in the plant decrease. Optimal oxygen and energy levels in the leaves produce a heavenly aroma of this Darjeeling tea that lasts longer than other teas. The hand-harvested leaves are processed before dawn to avoid the sunlight touching any leaves and altering their flavour.

Phuguri ‘Moonlight’ Black tea brews into an infusion of golden amber with a light muscatel character and a captivating fruity, zesty and aromatic note that awaken your taste buds. A wonderful aroma, delicate flavour with sweetness like nectar, you can brew it many times just like White needle tea.

Experience this moonlight drenched tea to uplift and invigorate your senses!

Darjeeling Phuguri Oolong Tea (Hand-rolled – Certified Organic)

Delicate, aromatic, earthy, mellow, fruity with classic Darjeeling bouquet and muscatel flavour, this rare grand cru, loose leaf tea epitomises the natural blend of Darjeeling black tea and Chinese oolong tea.

Darjeeling Oolong tea is an experience on its own and very different to a traditional Chinese oolong tea. It’s a rare find and requires specific conditions to produce a premium tea – high altitude gardens (above 3000 metres), high concentration of chinary bushes and average temperature between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Darjeeling Phuguri Oolong loose leaf tea, from the certified organic Phuguri Tea estate and its exceptional Terroir, is a premium, rare and extraordinary tea. The youngest leaves and their first buds are plucked, naturally withered in the sun and air, delicately hand-rolled and pan-fried. The young leaves with ivory buds have a unique scent of muscatel and stone fruits with an extraordinary aroma.

It brews into an amber liquor with ruby highlights, layered Darjeeling bouquet of muscatel, floral, fruity, fresh earth, smoky, medium strength and crisp finish. It’s a perfect every day cup of tea. Pair it with both sweet and savoury - pastries, pancakes or seafood to grilled meats.

We only have a limited supply, so do not miss out on this legend!

Assam Bhubrighat Black Tea (Premium TGFOP – Second Flush – Certified Organic)

Assam Bhubrighat Black Tea is a premium, certified organic black tea sourced from the historic Bhubrighat Tea Estate situated on the plains of Assam. The gardens are in small rocky areas (ghat) and take their name from the local fruit ‘bhubri’ growing in the nearby forests. Masterful plucking of tea leaves, optimum soil conditions, and supreme tea bushes are truly unmatched in the production of clean black teas with a bright, strong, and rosy liquor. It has invariably fascinated tea lovers worldwide. The second flush is the late spring harvest with the best quality and vigour in shoots and slightly gold with fine tips.

These premium second flush whole leaves are slightly twisted, with silvery tips, and the infusion is bright coppery red with its unique malt, brisk, flowery, sweet and fruity flavours. It has a hint of spiciness and gingerbread. It is the perfect cuppa for festive celebrations or for reinvigorating!

A connoisseur’s delight with all the nuances of fine wine and a perfect choice for the traditional tea drinker!

And now some seasonal caffeine-free inspirational herbal tea/ tisanes!

Chrysanthemum Flower Tea (Thailand – Certified Organic)

Our certified organic Chrysanthemum flowers come from a certified organic farm in the Chai Prakan District area, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chrysanthemum blossoms from Thailand are smaller, more vibrant and with less harsh aroma than the flowers from China.

Chrysanthemum is native to East Asia and North-eastern Europe and is used as a cooling herb in traditional medicine. Across cultures, it symbolises a myriad of things – life, hope, changing season, power, love and death. It is also considered the birth flower of November!

Chrysanthemum Tea is an infusion of dried blossom of the Chrysanthemum plant. This caffeine-free tea is transparent with a sweet, floral aroma, hint of warmth and varies in colour from pale to bright yellow.

In Chinese tradition, the flowers are placed in a teapot and steeped multiple times and consumed before focussing on a task or going to sleep due to its cooling and calming effect. In Thailand, this is very popular as a refreshing summer drink and served either hot or cold with or without honey.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Thailand – Certified Organic)

Butterfly Pea Flowers are certified organic and directly sourced from the Chai Prakan District area, Chiang Mai, Thailand. These flowers are harvested in October before noon when the dew has evaporated, but the sun is not too harsh. Butterfly pea flowers are native to Southeast Asia and popular in Thai and Malaysian cuisine as a beverage and culinary ingredient.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is commonly known as 'blue tea' or 'magical colour changing tea'. It is popular in the exotic beverage world and beauty industry. And not to mention, aesthetically pleasing for your Instagram feed!

This caffeine-free tea/ tisane tastes very similar to green tea with a sweet aroma. You can enjoy a cuppa any time of the day.

Did you know you can change the colour of your blue tea by changing the pH levels? You read that right! Add lemon juice to change the colour to a vibrant purple, hibiscus to bright red/ Fuchsia, turmeric to green and a spoon of honey will change it to a soft pink. A magical brewing experience!

And finally, introducing Spice Zen’s inspiration for November – Aussie Summer Dream Tisane!

Aussie Summer Dream Tea (Herbal Tea Blend)

We draw our inspiration from the bluish-purple hue of Aussie Dream tree flowers- Jacaranda during late spring or the beginning of the Summer in November. A sea of purple Jacaranda canopies and purple rain engulf parts Sydney and other Australian cities! The purple haze converts our suburbs, city and surroundings to an impressionist’s canvas that is just so mesmerising and breathtaking. These beautiful flowers are symbolic of life, hope, luck and joy and everyone has their own Jacaranda tree story. This caffeine-free blend is our attempt to capture Sydney's November magic in our story of Teas, a truly, magical Aussie Summer Dream Tea all year round!

Spice Zen Aussie Summer Dream Tea is a premium gluten-free, caffeine-free hand-blended tisane with certified organic Butterfly pea flower and Australian wildcrafted native ingredients. It steeps into a bluish-purple brew that is smooth, aromatic, spicy, sweet, zesty and so calming. Perfect on its own, hot or cold or create magical cocktails, desserts or an exotic Thai tea. It is a feast to your eyes, tastebuds and soul.

These delightful teas are a must-have treat for this Christmas or a gift for someone special!