Freshness - straight from the heart

Posted by Preeti on 6th Feb 2018

Freshness - straight from the heart

Welcome to the Spice Zen, home of the freshest spices.

My mother used to say that any food made with love is good food and it will nourish your body and soul. My father would just say good food is anything cooked by my mother’s hands.

Pure love needs pure ingredients. But as I grew older and left home I realised things had changed. I started scrutinising all the ingredients in the food I was consuming. I was shocked to discover pesticides, chemicals, additives, fillers and adulterated spices.

In my native culture, nature is worshipped because it sustains, preserves, heals and replenishes. So I went back to my roots and started using traditional recipes based on herbs & spices and cold pressed juices.

Two years ago, I took a life changing decision of leaving my job to follow my heart and set up a business to share the goodness of nature - and pure spices. My husband became my greatest cheerleader and inspiration. And thus Spice Zen was born.

Our goal is to give you the freshest spices you can get. Which is why I roast and grind the handcrafted spices in small batches on receipt of your order, which allows me to deliver the freshness of the handcrafted spice range. I use traditional stone grinding and dry roasting techniques to produce this range. The handcrafted spice blends are usually based on family recipes that have been passed on for generations. I guarantee the purity of the handcrafted spices as I only use whole spices to produce them.

After roasting and grinding, the spices are immediately packed into glass jars to capture the essential oils. I apply an air tight, induction seal to capture the freshness. The amber colour jars protect the spice from UV rays and maintains the freshness for a longer duration. And you don’t need to hide your spice jars in the darkest corner of your kitchen.

I hope that my range of handcrafted spices will evoke the same emotions and sensations that I feel when you open the jars – a pleasant whiff of ground spices that denotes purity and freshness; the uneven rustic texture of traditional stoneground spices; unfolding palette of enraged colours as you cook with the spices; exciting flavours and aromas giving a sense of contentment as you enjoy the food with your family and friends.

Enjoy the magic of fresh spices - made with love.