Spice Zen Difference

Spice Zen Difference

At Spice Zen, we believe in the goodness of authentic, traditional, artisanal, fresh products. Which is why we only use Organic, Biodynamic or wild crafted ingredients to bring the best quality to our customers.


The bespoke, “fresh” ground spices are produced in a stone-grinding mill when we receive your order. We grind the handcrafted spices ourselves - it is the best way to ensure purity. Our stoneground spices bring traditional artisanal flavours in every speck. 


We preserve the essential oils released on grinding by packing our products immediately with an airtight seal in glass jars. We use amber glass jars, to prevent light from affecting the spices.


Our "fresh" dry roasted spices, using a traditional technique, offer a delectable range of flavours and aromas.


Lastly, our cold pressed, raw juices are packed with goodness in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. They create smooth flavours and are ideal for lattes, teas, juices, salad mixes or stir fry, and even marinades for vegetable and meats.